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Outdated work practices and transportation nightmares: thoughts on snowjam leon

robinna/ January 31, 2014/ software, Professional Life/ 0 comments

I’ve been thinking about the Jan. snowstorm for a while. The problems are numerous: a lack of transportation options, a commuter city, poor planning, unpredictable weather (hee!)… well, the options for where to point fingers are numerous! As an IT worker who knows lots of other IT and technology workers, I am always surprised by how many of us have

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Stressed: Organize your life and de-stress !

robinna/ January 17, 2014/ software, Professional Life/ 0 comments

For librarians, stress comes from many sources: building renovations and other changes in physical spaces; interactions with colleagues; changes and problems with technology and systems; new or outdated policies and procedures; more demanding workplaces; multitasking; institutional culture; and family, health, and life situations. Even managing stress can itself be a stressor. Stress not only impacts productivity and morale, but getting

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10 traits of creativity

robinna/ October 18, 2013/ software, Professional Life/ 0 comments

“Of all human activities, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives. Call it full-blast living.” Exactly! Interesting overview of why creative people are the way we are. We’re just one big contradiction of traits…  (read the full article here)1. “Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often

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Facebook news feed change: bumping stories and the curse of the meme

robinna/ October 16, 2013/ Technology, software, social media, Blog posts/ 2 comments

Facebook Tip: Starting in August, Facebook started mixing older stories (‘most relevant’) in with new stories in feeds. So, if you have your feed set to “Sort: Most recent”, you may be seeing older posts. “Facebook announced a couple small changes to the way that the site decides order in News Feed: Story Bumping, which allows engaging posts you haven’t

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Linkedin launches university pages

robinna/ September 19, 2013/ Technology, software, social media, Blog posts/ 0 comments

Back in midAugust, Linkedin updated its user (and privacy statement) but the even bigger news is that linkedin is available for highschool students and universities (see below):   Updated User Agreement We are updating our User Agreement to make LinkedIn available to students 13 years and older, depending on country. Smart, ambitious students are already thinking about their futures when

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Free – Drupal Business Summit Atlanta

robinna/ September 20, 2011/ software/ 0 comments

What: Atlanta Drupal Business SummitWhy: To attract and cater to more non-technical professionals evaluating Drupal and open-source software based solutionsWhen: Friday, September 30th, 2011 from 8:30am – 5:30pmWhere: Georgia Tech Research Institute in Midtown AtlantaHow much: FREE (thanks to some generous sponsors)Sponsored by MediaCurrent and DrupalCamp ATL is in October!Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011 is Coming What: Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011Why: To evangelize, educate,

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