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Why and how twitter is important

robinna/ November 12, 2013/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

I’ve written before about why twitter is important to me and tips for how to get started tweeting , but what about everyone else? Does twitter have impact on culture at large?  “It is becoming the preferred social network for American teens. It is an important “second screen” for TV viewers of NFL football and “Dancing With the Stars.” (My

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Tons o’ Twitter changes – Scheduled tweets! Feed changes! Choose to let any follower DM (message) you

robinna/ October 30, 2013/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

Twitter rolls out a bunch of changes:1. Allow any follower to DM (direct message) you 2. More visual tweets in the feed (vine!)3. Advertisements4. Alerts for emergencies (not so new)5. Recommendation service (not so terribly new; @magicrecs)6. Twitter apps updates (droid tablets (yay!); IOS)7. Watch TV from tweets8. Scheduled tweets More here:Good overview of 7 features (there are more):

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List of useful facebook links (merge accounts, find your ID, twitter, more)

robinna/ August 13, 2013/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

Mostly for my own ease of access but feel free to use these as well (if you are logged in, it will take you to “your” sections of facebook: Facebook Access and Settings Facebook settings: (name, email, link to download your data, more)  Facebook ID (profile): (3rd party site) Facebook ID (developer): (optional; must be set up,

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Simplifying new GMail (removing threaded conversations, make a traditional chronological list of emails, etc.)

robinna/ June 12, 2013/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

One of the things I hate the most about email is threaded conversations.I also can not stand how the new Gmail treats messages in terms of forwarding. So, thank goodness you can turn that nonsense off in Gmail and if you want an even more clean and simple interface (which in some cases, does mean less “functionality”), try these tips.

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Linking your Facebook Page to Twitter (or edit settings)

robinna/ June 4, 2013/ twitter/ 0 comments

If you manage a Facebook Page, you can share updates from Facebook to Twitter including what types of updates to share: status updates, links, photos, notes, events or all of them. If you have multiple Pages, you will have the option to link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts. Find this feature at or Under Edit Page>Editing>Edit settings>Resources Allow

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Artists uses tweets to make art – thoughts on twitter TOS and more

robinna/ January 27, 2013/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

I found this project really interesting given that I both tweet AND I sometimes incorporate materials (including text snippets usually from out of copyright materials) into my artwork..  I do wonder how twitterers feel about this… So here is what this particular project does: Many tweets have GPS coordinates embedded in them. Shindelman and Larson exploited those geographic points by

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