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Catalog paired with a website (Drupal and III)

robinna/ March 7, 2008/ software, Libraries, CMS/ 0 comments

Here is a prototype of a library catalog (III’s Millenium) wrapped on the library website with Drupal (a MOSTLY opensource website content management system — mostly because a commercial version of Drupal is now under development). The Drupal module for integrating the library catalog includes modules like ratings (Fivestar), Faceted Search, and Similar by Terms. Drupal is built with modules

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Exporting from Expression Engine (step by step)

robinna/ January 10, 2008/ publishing, Design, CMS, my projects/ 27 comments

I promised the friendly folks over at textpattern that I would write something about exporting entries from expression engine. This link in the ee wiki MOSTLY covers it. I say mostly, because you’ll need to make some modifications which are not listed but that I am including. Additionally, you will need to be careful to do all of the steps

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textpattern, wordpress, & redesign

robinna/ January 3, 2008/ software, publishing, Design, CMS, my projects, webdesign, XHTML/XML/CSS/ 0 comments

I’m re-doing one of my domains with textpattern or wordpress. I considered drupal, but to be honest, I want something with a little stronger 3rd party support. There are several features & functionalities missing in drupal which I need. For a site from scratch or one with content generated from within drupal, all is well. For those working with 3rd

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digital video and compatibility

robinna/ November 18, 2007/ Design, CMS, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

I have a kind of old video/dvd converter/player thingie which works OK, but compatibility is a serious problem. The problem I am having now is that apparently only DVD+RW VIDEO works in my machine. I am also wondering if only the Maxwell brand ones will work. I recently transferred a conference meeting to DVD but something went terribly wrong —

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about this and me

robinna/ October 15, 2007/ publishing, social media, Design, CMS, my projects/ 0 comments

Hello & welcome to my mostly professional journal blog. I write about all sorts of things that interest me — mostly web stuff, cool new technologies, a sprinkling of art stuff, etc. So, who am I? Well, that depends on the day of the week, I suppose. I am indeed an artist. Although, I currently work in the very textural

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robinna/ September 22, 2007/ software, publishing, CMS, my projects, webdesign, XHTML/XML/CSS/ 4 comments

So, I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to move to or use on my domain, or do something entirely different (I’m running drupal on my domain). Occasionally, I have considered moving over to as well… I like wordpress. It’s not so much that I hate blogger, it’s ok, but I’ve been wanting to do

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e-zine using wordpress

robinna/ September 17, 2007/ software, publishing, CMS, webdesign, opensource/ 0 comments

I’m going to add this to my e-zine list, but I think this e-zine template for wordpress looks really good. I do wonder about the pre-publishing and issue creation, though. One of the advantages of pacercms is that I can create the issues prior to publication. I do think draft posts could accomplish some of that, but…

opensource alternatives to common commercial products

robinna/ September 13, 2007/ software, publishing, STEM, CMS, 3D, webdesign, productivity, opensource/ 0 comments

Although the introduction of this article is overly simplified in terms of the changes in library technology (I couldn’t help but laugh a little in a couple of places) , once you’re past that, the rest is a good little overview of some of the more popular opensource products. I’ve hotlinked and listed the products below, the article gives a

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5000 resources to do just about anything online

robinna/ September 9, 2007/ software, publishing, social media, Leadership, CMS, webdesign, twitter, tools/tips, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

5000 resources to do just about anything online I love mashable and I can’t possibly summarize everything in this article, but if you are looking for new things to do with your blog/website, or just to have a little fun on the ‘net, do take a look. You can find things such as 30 widgets for a wordpress blog, 70+

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