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coolness for the day…

robinna/ May 30, 2007/ Technology/ 0 comments

okay, I can totally see my puppy trashing this in about 15 minutes, but still a cool idea.

word & character count

robinna/ May 20, 2007/ tools/tips/ 0 comments

I recently had to edit a bio down to 200 characters. Yes, characters not words. Considering I started with 95 words and 591 characters, I was in need of serious help. I found these two lovely tools online. I realize this is not the most glamorous or fun tool on the web, but definitely practical. Just copy and paste your

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conference overview

robinna/ May 18, 2007/ social media, my projects, twitter, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Alot of interesting info at the conference I attended yesterday. A few practical things (how to use handheld scanners to do inventory — looks labor intensive but not hard) and an glimpse into captivate for creating tutorials. The social technologies program was most interesting. For one, the presenter demoed my favorite web 2.0 video. 😉Mostly, I was interested to see

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widget world

robinna/ May 17, 2007/ Technology/ 0 comments

for those of you into widgets (yeah, you know who you are), here are a few widgets sites. labpixiesyahoo widgetswidgetbox enjoy.

my projects

robinna/ May 14, 2007/ publishing, Design, my projects, XHTML/XML/CSS, web 2.0+/ 0 comments

Ok, I realize I haven’t done a project update here in a while. so here goes (in addition to managing staff, project management, resolving complex problems, etc. in other words the day to day): Continuing work with the CRDL (Civil Rights Digital Library) in the portal design. I think the metadata issues have been resolved which now means it’s time

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Encyclopedia of Life

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An awfully ambitious encyclopedia There are 1.8 million species of plants and animals known to reside on Earth. And an ambitious new project called the Encyclopedia of Life plans to catalog every last one of them. Over the next 10 years, the online encyclopedia intends to become an exhaustive database featuring descriptions, photographs, and maps for mammals and microbes alike.

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Save 5 hours a day (a day!) the geek way

robinna/ May 5, 2007/ productivity, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Save 5 Hours a Day, the Geek Way In a nutshell:1)Don’t watch tv – web it, divo it, only watch what you are really interested in 2)Don’t read spam (use a spam filter) and don’t waste time on meaningless surfing (youtube) 3)”Read” the newspaper while exercising (podcasts!) 4)Work when others don’t (ok, I do agree with this one as I

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