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Free! 1 Voice Many Channels> Blogging & Tweeting 4 Libraries (a robin & amy gig)

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Join us – Free! from the fab @amywatts @georgiawebgurl One Voice, Many Channels: Blogging and Tweeting for LibrariesFreeRobin Fay and Amy WattsUniversity of GeorgiaDoes your library blog or tweet? Interested in getting started? Wondering what all the buzz is about? We’ll explore how libraries use Twitter and Blogger to share news, events, as well as a community building tool. If

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Why use Twitter (and why I twitter)

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Some time ago, I gave up on the notion that I could be an artist and have a completely private life. The thing with being an artist (musician, writer, painter, director, actor, etc…) is that you need fans. You need supporters. You need people to know about your artwork and support your artwork (both financially and intellectually). So, unless you

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Facebook and Friendfinder — what you need to know

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Interesting post about how facebook uses your email address to connect you to people through friendfinder Delete your info here …which all just goes to show, we all need to stay on top of what information we put out there. I don’t use friendfinder, but apparently my email address was harvested from a couple of mailing lists by people who

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12 worst kinds of facebookers

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From CNN (the short version)… The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. The Self-Promoter. The Friend Padder The Town Crier The TMIer The Bad Grammarian. The Sympathy Baiter The Lurker. The Crank. The Paparazzo. The Maddening Obscurist. The Chronic Inviter Okay, I think I might have committed all of these offenses at some time … except for the Paparazzo and the Friend Padder. I

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Seeking librarians/writers (professional development opportunies)

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Seeking regular contributors:Do you have a story to tell? Come and share it at Library Worklife!Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders is looking for aspiring and experienced writers – library employees and graduate students who have stories to tell about their careers, jobs, research, and pathways to success. Library Worklife is a monthly, electronic newsletter published by the American

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Professional & Cont Ed Group online

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———————-The Professional & Continuing Education Interest Group (PACE) of GLA (the Georgia Library Association) chaired by Robin Fay & Beth Thornton have decided to do a free online community portal (a ning). Even if you are not a member of the Interest Group or GLA, feel free to participate. We decided to give this a try to see if we

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Need a mentor?

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For those at the UGA Libraries, there is an internal mentoring program via the Professional Development & Research Committee. too. New Member’s Roundtable of ALA offers a mentoring program: —-Have you been a librarian for 5 years or less? Do you sometimes feel you have professional questions to ask and no one to direct them to? Do you find yourself

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Free webinar – Second Circle Event Technologies – Beyond Registration to Community Engagement

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Although not specifically library related, considering how many seminars, workshops, and conferences we all attend, this might be an interesting webinar (and free!) Second Circle Event Technologies – Beyond Registration to Community EngagementSeptember 18, 20082:00 PM EDT | Register Now! Events and meetings are a critical element of your overall market relationship management (MRM) strategy – providing customers, employees, partners,

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shutterfly one-ups flickr in social networking

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Whoa, so have you checked out shutterfly lately? I haven’t done anything with my account there in FOREVER, because well, shutterfly didn’t seem to do much. It certainly wasn’t as great as flickr. However, shutterfly has jumped into the social networking venue with both feet — take a look at my “profile” shutterfly page vs my flickr page. Okay, Okay,

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