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What’s up with wolfram alpha?

robinna/ November 23, 2009/ Search engines/browsers/ 0 comments

Interesting little post about wolfram alpha and plans for the future: But Alpha may yet confound the sceptics. Last month, Wolfram released an application programming interface, or API, that allows anybody to build software or websites that use Alpha’s abilities. “Alpha is a technology platform that allows one to inject computable knowledge into any application or computer system,” says Wolfram.

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5 Years of Firefox (and the web)

robinna/ November 10, 2009/ Search engines/browsers, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Very interesting (and short) review of the last 5 years for Firefox and web in general…. “All of our servers melted instantly,” Vukićević says. “We spent an hour trying to get the downloads back up.” (on the day Firefox launched) ….and looking to the future:““We always ask, ‘What is it that people on the open web can’t do right now?

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