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Post/blog/tweet themes #hashtags by day

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So, I’m rolling out a new project and I’ve been thinking about how to organize content which reminded me of all of the theme #hashtags (perhaps, because it was thursday aka #tbt or throwbackthursday). Not all of them are work/professional appropriate (manimonday), so I picked the best of the best. Thanks to the Libraries & Social Media group for help.

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Snipping Tool (Windows 7) – how to use it to screencapture dropdown menus and other tips

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Recently, I had to screencapture some Windows 7 screens for training materials. Frustratingly enough, the screencapture tool, Snipping Tool, didn’t seem to capture the dropdowns but it does, it is just a matter of knowing the trick! To Find the Snipping Tool (and pin it to your menu for ease of access) Click on the Windows menu button(In the box

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Changing the “from” in outlook

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Q: If you manage multiple mailboxes, how do you change the from in outlook? A: To send email, reply, or forward email as a different address (i.e., vs. yourself, Click on the From button.Click on Other Email Address.In the From Box, type Click OK. You should see the From address has changed (temporarily) and has now been

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File in Android SDK moves, causes issues for other products “missing SDK” or can not find SDK error messages

robinna/ March 18, 2014/ Technology, Blog posts/ 0 comments

I discovered the hard way when I was trying to use Droid Explorer, that the SDK file structure has been rearranged.  In the case of Droid Explorer (a product that allows you to edit and build through access to the system files via a PC desktop), it was pointing to a file in SDK in the platform-tools folder, which has

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OpenLibrary – what it is (besides trending on reddit)

robinna/ March 14, 2014/ 3D, that's cool/ 0 comments

In addition to being a digital library, it is a linked data experiment with strong accessibility support. It is often cited as an example of linking bib data. It was created by Aaron Swartz (yes, the Aaron Swartz) and is now a project of the Internet Archive (woot! love the IA). Linked data info: Watch it blow up reddit:

Yahoo buys vizify, shuts it down

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Vizify shuts dow: From Vizify: Keep your bio online a bit longer We’ve created a way to archive a snapshot of your bio so that it remains online at Vizify a while longer. You have until April 7, 2014 to archive your bio. Your archived bio will remain publicly visible through September 4, 2014. If you make changes to your

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Wake up and smell the bacon with your phone

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Wow… Announced earlier today by Oscar Mayer, the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon dongle plugs into the bottom of your iOS device and fires out a scented bacon spray in the morning as you are emerging from bed. Read more: Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook )