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New Creative commons license

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We proudly introduce our 4.0 licenses, now available for adoption worldwide. The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.

Innovative and interactive music videos (depeche mode cover, pharell, bob dylan) [video]

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In the last week, I’ve received 3 interesting videos in my inbox:One notable for the homemade instruments and 2 for the technology itself: Pharrell’s get happy: do check out the interactivity and technology use, but make sure to read about the scope of the project itself. …and then there is the bob dylan’s rolling stone: the channels will eventually

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GIRLS video, STEM, and the Beasties Boys – updated [video]

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So this story about copyright and intellectual rights has gotten so complicated (and I’m not an lawyer). It will be very interesting to watch. Originally I wrote this at my art site @ facebook, Robinart As an artist, I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think artists should be financially compensated for their works. However, the

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Visual literacy [presentation]

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A presentation on Leveraging Visual Literacy for Communication by Nicole Brown : The ability to critically engage with and communicate through visual materials is becoming a core competency for participation in today’s highly visual culture. This presentation will share successful techniques for using images in libraries. Visual learning objects will show how images can frame an instruction session by capturing

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Why and how twitter is important

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I’ve written before about why twitter is important to me and tips for how to get started tweeting , but what about everyone else? Does twitter have impact on culture at large?  “It is becoming the preferred social network for American teens. It is an important “second screen” for TV viewers of NFL football and “Dancing With the Stars.” (My

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