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Programming advice

robinna/ February 25, 2014/ my projects/ 0 comments

So, someone asked me how I learned all of the web stuff that I know. It’s a combination of a lot of different resources but what I finally realized is the secret to everything (perhaps, even life itself): All you really need to understand is the structure, some of the basic commands, and how the code works. With that and

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Adventures in pinning – pinterest = visual bookmarking? scrapbooking?

robinna/ February 25, 2013/ social media, my projects/ 1 comments

So, I’ve been experimenting with pinterest, which up until now, has been predominantly used by women over 50. To be honest, initially, I could have cared less about pinterest. I really couldn’t see a reason to use it as it seemed to be all DIY, crafts, fashion, recipes, and childcare stuff…  kind of a glittery glued, bubblegum, hearts and flowers

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One world, one blog – merging identities, merging blogs

robinna/ November 15, 2012/ History of Technology, my projects, twitter, my art/ 0 comments

robinart 2006ish So, I had a personal/art blog over at my domain ( from 2004-2007 (prior to that, it was just a very simple site). This blog was an early experiment in using a CMS (Content Management System); originally, a photoblog (more about  the software & history here); later, a place to talk about software, my projects, and life in general.

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Semantic web, linked data – libraries in Georgia

robinna/ September 30, 2012/ semantic web, my projects/ 0 comments

Laura, Doug & I will be discussing linked data, semantic web and library projects (including what Emory is up to) at COMO on Thursday. I will also be doing a more general metadata session on Thursday morning. In addition to all of that Doug and Laura have started GLAMLOD as a discussion group for linked data, semantic web, and metadata

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So I have an exhibit

robinna/ April 25, 2012/ my projects, my art/ 0 comments

I’ve been working alot on these water themed paintings and wall hangings. They are mixed media, acrylic (very sheer, layered over paper, and net)…< This one is titled, postcards from the deep. Like many of my paintings, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I started this one. It was meant to be the cornerstone of the

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