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Innovate or Die (thoughts on librarianship)

robinna/ June 26, 2012/ Libraries/ 0 comments

So, a few of us were discussing via various forms of social media, IM’ing – the works – the state of librarianship (post migraine, my brain makes random connections and kind of scattered —  a poor time for coding but a great time for absorbing ideas): Libraries are dreadfully underfunded and understaffed to the point where others are starting to

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Experiments in social media – what people are doing

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Given that many social media sites use databases on the backend and APIs, there are a lot of interesting 3rd party apps and experiments culling through data and repurposing. One such experiment is – the Atlantic gives a good overview of how this works: Let me give you this hypothetical about privacy. You and a friend walk into a

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Lantern slides – technology and art

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Lovely lantern slide of the Library Library, Tring Museum, London.from American Museum of History If you don’t know what a lantern slide is, Lantern Slide Collection has a very good overview. Basically, they are captured/projected positive (vs. a negative) images on  glass plates.  In terms of look and technology, they are a cross between a high quality photocopy and photograph. Many

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Meebo retirement date July 11! Hurry!

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Meebo users: Meebo rides off into the sunset on July 11.—————————–As a past Messenger user, we wanted you to know that until July 11 you can download your archived Messenger chat logs. Log into your account on Meebo Messenger for a download link. Please act soon — after July 11, chat archives will be deleted. You may remember meebo was purchased by

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Semantic web, linked data & metadata proposals for GLA

robinna/ June 15, 2012/ semantic web/ 0 comments

I thought you might like to see what I’m pitching for GLA/COMO this year. If either of these do not make the program, I will shop them around elsewhere: Proposal 1 (Solo):Metadata makes the world go round: an introduction to metadataDid you know metadata is everywhere? Did you know that you are a metadata creator? This fun & dynamic intro

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Best and Worst Master’s Degrees

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Computer Sci is no. 2 for best; LIS is no. 1 for worst. Something is wrong there… —The Best and Worst Master’s Degrees for Jobs [Forbes](Hint: LIS is not in the “best” list… )