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New privacy settings for Facebook — updated today

robinna/ May 26, 2010/ social media, privacy/ 0 comments

Oh, hurrah. First, an apology of sorts (“we just missed the mark” — REALLY?!?) and today more control over privacy settings (see below for screenshots of the settings)… but remember, if you post it to the web it is archived somewhere on the WORLD WIDE WEB. …and really — is it so surprising that Facebook was doing this?“The Wall Street

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Facebook is “uncool”

robinna/ May 17, 2010/ social media, privacy/ 0 comments

“Facebook is officially ‘out,’ as in uncool, amongst partners, parents and pundits all coming to the realization that Zuckerberg and his company are – simply put – not trustworthy,” Calacanis wrote on his personal Web site. [and more] Earlier this month, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and 14 other privacy and consumer organizations filed a complaint against Facebook with the

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Lifespan of digital formats — how long will that flashdrive last?

robinna/ May 15, 2010/ Technology, History of Technology, Culture, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

A sampling of common digital media and their life expectancies (assuming you take care of them):• Floppy disk – This can theoretically survive between 3 and 10 million passes• CD and DVDs – It depends heavily on the materials used in their construction (PDF), but you’re looking at anywhere between 2 and 10 and 25 years, in the best of

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Facebook & privacy (viva le revolution)

robinna/ May 14, 2010/ social media, privacy, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

First off, one big caveat: It is simply impossible to have the old Facebook experience with the old level of privacy. If you want the old level of privacy, you’re going to have to give up some functionality; if you want all the old functionality, you’re going to have to give up some privacy. There you go, from the

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Call for chapters (International Students and Academic Libraries)

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CALL FOR CASE STUDIES/BOOK CHAPTER PROPOSALSInternational Students and Academic Libraries: Initiatives for Success Proposal Submission Deadline: June 30, 2010Editors: Pamela Jackson and Patrick Sullivan, San Diego State University Publisher: Association of College & Research Libraries Have you developed programs or services for international students at your academic library? If so, the editors of this upcoming volume to be published by

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