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Making it happen – linkeddata, bigdata, opendata and the semantic web

robinna/ April 8, 2014/ 3D/ 0 comments

So, a question was asked in one of my linkeddata discussion groups. How does linkeddata, bigdata, opendata and the semantic web fit together? My answer:The Semantic web is the interface to make sense of all of the data (bigdata) which has to be accessible (open data); linkeddata is the mechanism making the data connections which are interpreted by the semantic

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OpenLibrary – what it is (besides trending on reddit)

robinna/ March 14, 2014/ 3D, that's cool/ 0 comments

In addition to being a digital library, it is a linked data experiment with strong accessibility support. It is often cited as an example of linking bib data. It was created by Aaron Swartz (yes, the Aaron Swartz) and is now a project of the Internet Archive (woot! love the IA). Linked data info: Watch it blow up reddit:

3D technology – the next industrial revolution

robinna/ February 18, 2014/ Technology, STEM, 3D/ 0 comments

As schools across the country are beginning to prepare children for what some have called “the next industrial revolution” by assimilating 3D printing technology into their curriculum, toy manufacturing giant Hasbro is planning to incorporate the technology into kids’ playtime. More here and here References:

the future of libraries – community spaces for the community

robinna/ February 4, 2014/ 3D/ 0 comments

Librarians are “part wizard, part genius, part explorer. The work they do everyday changes people’s lives.” YES. I do think she gets to the heart of the transition for libraries and this article speaks to that issue So what is the treehouse for academia? Building a space for learning and knowledge, creation and collaboration; however, we can’t forget that

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