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on my list

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–this is going on my christmas list — shockproof, waterproof, 10M, touchscreen…. I need a new little camera for snaps, because I can’t carry my big camera everywhere.

seeking writers, artists & more

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moonshine arts magazine is seeking creative writing pieces, artist interviews, writings from the studio by artists, music and literature reviews, as well as other art related topics. Writers for moonshine are a diverse bunch: graphic artists, music appreciators, painters, poets, photographers, novelists, essayists, librarians, computer geeks, art professors & more. We seek authentic and interesting Southern voices to contribute

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Dynamic Content Group’s working list

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The Dynamic Content Group (DYG) of which I am Chair, is mostly just a brainstorming group. We grew out of WAG (the Web Advisory Group) and our charge is to examine how we use Web2.0 technologies and see how we could use them more effectively. To that end, we are currently focusing mostly on “traditional” web2.0 technologies, and we haven’t

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Call for Applications / 2009 Google Policy Fellowship Program

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ALA INVITES APPLICATIONS TO THE 2009 GOOGLE POLICY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM The Washington Office of the American Library Association (ALA) will be participating again in the Google Policy Fellowship program for the summer of 2009. The first class of fellows worked for ten weeks this past summer at ALA Washington and at other public interest organizations involved in debates on broadband

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I’m not trying to start a political discussion, but if you haven’t checked out the new website, it is kind of interesting in terms of the use of web2.0 technologies. It includes a blog (with rss, of course), a mechanism to sign up for emails, a form to share stories or thoughts, and more (the blog includes youtube videos,

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Tweeting the Prez

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I’ve written a little about the use of social networking by the Presidential candidates during the campaigns. I didn’t “friend” any candidates during the campaign even those that I supported, because to be honest, I would rather seek out political information than have to endure the constant barrage of PR spam. However, I am really interested in the use of

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Simplify your inbox (RSS & more) presentation

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Doesn’t this sound great? Friday Dec 5 10:00-11:30Simplify your inbox : making RSS work for youWonder how some people always seem to be in the know and up to date on the latest news? Discover free and easy tools to simplify your inbox, your reading lists and more. Lineup is tentative:Explore Pageflakes, Google Reader, Outlook RSS (Robin Fay), Amy Watts

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How to widgetize your libraries blog for the web2.0 world (wordpress)

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Finally, the libraries blog has been widgetized. Finally, finally incorporated our meebo chat widget in as well as a few other goodies. I’d love to put better search mechanisms in here for the catalog and elsewhere. Sigh. Maybe a rss feed for recent books added….Anyhow, that’s future thinking. 😉 Take a look and see what you think: This is the

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Elections, social networking & the technology revolution

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This election saw both political parties building strong web presences and utilizing social networking sites (and some mobile, too!) Candidates and their supporters actively participating in facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networking sites: advertising, building networks, and well… campaigning! Although I’m not particularly fond of the term web2.0 (what happens when we get to web20.0?), there is no doubt

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