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4 hot trends in libraries

robinna/ June 29, 2010/ Libraries, publishing/ 1 comments

The list:1. Mass customization2. Mobile3. Front end interface4. Shared data Yes, please. #1 can’t come soon enough and in reality, we kind of have been doing that for a while (different services for different audiences/patron groups) but that was still at a group level. Individual personalized choice and experience — yes please. Front end interfaces and shared data seem to

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Twitter demographics for my account (hmm. )

robinna/ June 20, 2010/ social media, twitter/ 0 comments

So, I ran across tweet sentiments which attempts to analyze your posts for things like positivity and educational level. LOL I guess it counts emoticons 😉 I do use slang, especially when posting to twitter (sigh… character limits) but I think it’s funny that I’m somewhat flamboyant yet gender neutral. heh. How in the world do they come up with

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Better face to face networking

robinna/ June 18, 2010/ social media/ 0 comments

For some of us, networking online is way easier than face to face. I think it’s the old E (extrovert) vs. I (introvert). The talky/chatty face to face world is very E centered; I think by nature the technology that drives the social media and the distance between people online (at least, generally) is more appealing to Is. I’m gearing

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remove background in google — did this pass usability testing? really?

robinna/ June 10, 2010/ Technology, History of Technology, Culture/ 3 comments

If you’ve been to google today, you got to see a hideous background image — pretty, but impossible to read the font. Want to replace with the default google page? Sorry you are out of luck — at least for today. However you can choose a plain white image from Editor’s picks which changes the background to plain ol’ white

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