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Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be Paper – thoughts on deep reading and reading on the web

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This article resonated with me so much. I used to think the difference in my e-reading speed and comprehension was because I learned to read on paper as a child but I think it goes beyond that. I still see many young children reading print books, in addition to their electronic materials. Anecdotal experience from parents and those who work

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Google Treats & Easter Eggs

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Remember the Pokemon on the Google Maps?Well, Google has more besides just that – a whole collection of easter eggs!  In case you don’t know what an easter egg is, it is a hidden feature within another: Wikipedia states that it is an “is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program,

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Facebook covers policies & sizes

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Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall (less than 100Kb for fastest load time); jpg or png (better for text). public Minimum size is 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall; if you upload less than 851px x 315px, it will be stretched. NO 3rd party advertising* Can NOT  be deceptive, misleading, infringe on anyone else’s copyright

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Google, Pokemon, and April Fool’s

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Grab your iOS or Android device: they’re the only way to see what I’m talking about. Bring up Google Maps (or download Google Maps if you don’t have it — see what’s happening here?) and tap the “Search” bar. Notice that little thing that looks like the CBS logo, only light blue? Tap it and you’re off, the screen swinging across

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Post/blog/tweet themes #hashtags by day

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So, I’m rolling out a new project and I’ve been thinking about how to organize content which reminded me of all of the theme #hashtags (perhaps, because it was thursday aka #tbt or throwbackthursday). Not all of them are work/professional appropriate (manimonday), so I picked the best of the best. Thanks to the Libraries & Social Media group for help.

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Changing the “from” in outlook

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Q: If you manage multiple mailboxes, how do you change the from in outlook? A: To send email, reply, or forward email as a different address (i.e., vs. yourself, Click on the From button.Click on Other Email Address.In the From Box, type Click OK. You should see the From address has changed (temporarily) and has now been

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Respect and the arts – thoughts on Sarah Jones

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Sarah Jones incident. By all accounts, Sarah Jones was doing her job appropriately and responsibly, but it seems that she was put into a dangerous situation by those in charge. It’s possible that she may have very well saved others’ lives – if the train derailed because of the camera equipment and bed

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U.S. Copyright Office seeks comments on orphan works & mass digitization under U.S. copyright law

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“Background: The Copyright Office is reviewing the issue of orphan works [1] under U.S. copyright law in continuation of its previous work on the subject and to advise Congress on potential legislative solutions. As part of its current review, the Office is considering recent developments in the legal and business environments regarding orphan works in the context of: (1) occasional

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New Creative commons license

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We proudly introduce our 4.0 licenses, now available for adoption worldwide. The 4.0 licenses — more than two years in the making — are the most global, legally robust licenses produced by CC to date. We have incorporated dozens of improvements that make sharing and reusing CC-licensed materials easier and more dependable than ever before.