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Why use Twitter (and why I twitter)

robinna/ August 26, 2009/ social media, twitter, networking, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Some time ago, I gave up on the notion that I could be an artist and have a completely private life. The thing with being an artist (musician, writer, painter, director, actor, etc…) is that you need fans. You need supporters. You need people to know about your artwork and support your artwork (both financially and intellectually). So, unless you

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Facebook and Friendfinder — what you need to know

robinna/ August 25, 2009/ social media, privacy, networking, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Interesting post about how facebook uses your email address to connect you to people through friendfinder Delete your info here …which all just goes to show, we all need to stay on top of what information we put out there. I don’t use friendfinder, but apparently my email address was harvested from a couple of mailing lists by people who

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12 worst kinds of facebookers

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From CNN (the short version)… The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. The Self-Promoter. The Friend Padder The Town Crier The TMIer The Bad Grammarian. The Sympathy Baiter The Lurker. The Crank. The Paparazzo. The Maddening Obscurist. The Chronic Inviter Okay, I think I might have committed all of these offenses at some time … except for the Paparazzo and the Friend Padder. I

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Obsolete technologies: the losers

robinna/ August 19, 2009/ Technology, History of Technology, Culture, Gamification, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Today’s post is all about obsolete technologies. Contrary to the what?s next people, I do not believe libraries are going anywhere. I do think libraries will continue to evolve as community space and that more of our products and services will be digitally based (especially if kindle continues to catch on), but considering most libraries are free, we fit perfectly

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Twitter verified accounts

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I dunno, do I need this? I kind of feel like we all need to stake our digital identities firmly NOW, because the ‘net is only going to be a more crowded space. From twitter: What does it mean? With this feature, you can easily see which accounts we know are ‘real’ and authentic. That means we’ve been in contact

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Millenials and education

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Well… for some of us, the traditional education system didn’t work so well… regardless of our generation, especially those of us who are visual + creative learners. I am so thankful I was pulled into at least a few nontraditional classes… Better than standard lecture all of the time, for sure. Love Michael Wesch’s videos…