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Need a mentor?

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For those at the UGA Libraries, there is an internal mentoring program via the Professional Development & Research Committee. too. New Member’s Roundtable of ALA offers a mentoring program: —-Have you been a librarian for 5 years or less? Do you sometimes feel you have professional questions to ask and no one to direct them to? Do you find yourself

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Help change clinical research for sarcomas (desmoids, etc.)

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Desmoids are benign but aggressively invasive tumors. No treatment is 100% successful and there is no known cure. Until most recently there has been very little research done in the United States on Desmoids, and there was not even a foundation or organization to support such research or even to help those diagnosed with Desmoids. Current treatment is surgery (often

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Looking for writers, creative folk, artists

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moonshine could use a couple more creative writing pieces for October’s issue of moonshine arts magazine. Of course, we can always use artist interviews, writings from the studio, book or music reviews, as well as other art related topics. Writers for moonshine are a diverse bunch: graphic artists, painters, poets, photographers, novelists, essayists, computer geeks, art professors & more. Some

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Something I do when I’m not working… well, not working on a computer.

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Yes, I occasionally do non-computer work. ;-D … a detail from pandora’s box, a multiple media piece (finally finished!) for the hauntings exhibit. For the reception I’ve decided to fill the big box with fortune cookies. I was going to do printed quotations, but who doesn’t love fortune cookies? btw media: cardboard box with embedded wooden box, handmade paper, dried

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FRBR book reviews, opensource access to bibliographic data for wordpress and more — it’s code4lib issue 4

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Code4Lib Journal is a free online journal covering library software, issues & more. There is a rss feed for those who want to subscribe via google reader, bloglines, or another reader. Openbook (a plugin for WordPress) sounds really interesting. I wonder if I can make it work for pacercms? Editorial Introduction — Issue 4Ken Varnum Auto-Populating an ILL form

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about libraries and using images of patrons

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Interesting and well thought response to Carson’s Laws for using photos you take at your library (Information Today, Sept/October 08), focusing on libraries using flickr to archive images, especially those of patrons. I’m not sure that I agree with the argument for not using consent forms, but overall, a thought provoking piece. I think the goals of extending the library

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Do you need help with that presentation?

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Slideshare the cool site that allows easy sharing of powerpoint slides via the web AND converts powerpoint into a more web friendly format for embedding, emailing, etc. has now started a great series on slide tips. Do you think they got tired of all of the really bad powerpoint presentations being loaded at their site? 🙂 Everyday, by some estimates,

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Help support GA libraries!

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Cobbled together from a listserv and elsewhere: As many of you know, we have been trying for the past four years to get a car tag for Georgia Public Libraries. We need 1,000 people to sign up for one before the Department of Motor Vehicles will produce the car tag. So far, we only have 64 people signed up and

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Call for writings, poetry, music reviews & more

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Just a heads up: moonshine arts magazine is seeking writers, reviewers, podcasters, & artists for the next issue (october 10).We are looking for poets, short story writers, book reviewers, music reviewers (especially local & regional), essayists on culture and history as relates to art as well as artists “writing from the studio”. Writings from the studio are short essays capturing

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