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OpenLibrary – what it is (besides trending on reddit)

robinna/ March 14, 2014/ 3D, that's cool/ 0 comments

In addition to being a digital library, it is a linked data experiment with strong accessibility support. It is often cited as an example of linking bib data. It was created by Aaron Swartz (yes, the Aaron Swartz) and is now a project of the Internet Archive (woot! love the IA). Linked data info: Watch it blow up reddit:

Using IFTTT to push instagram to a secondary tumblr blog (or for anything)

robinna/ August 29, 2012/ social media, that's cool, twitter, photography/ 6 comments

Apparently, I signed up for IFTTT a while ago, but I haven’t done anything with it, until I read about this tumblr user who wanted to push his instagram pix to a secondary tumblr blog. His thought was to use the post via email – this approach who would work for most blogs (look under settings to find your blog by

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Free access to British publicly funded research

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The British government is planning to make all publicly funded research freely accessible by 2014. “British universities now pay around £200m a year in subscription fees to journal publishers, but under the new scheme, authors will pay “article processing charges” (APCs) to have their papers peer reviewed, edited and made freely available online.” This decision comes as a result

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Lantern slides – technology and art

robinna/ June 24, 2012/ History of Technology, that's cool/ 0 comments

Lovely lantern slide of the Library Library, Tring Museum, London.from American Museum of History If you don’t know what a lantern slide is, Lantern Slide Collection has a very good overview. Basically, they are captured/projected positive (vs. a negative) images on  glass plates.  In terms of look and technology, they are a cross between a high quality photocopy and photograph. Many

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Wrek, the Library Rock and Roll Show (COMO)

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One of the presentations I attended at COMO was a presentation on “Lost in the Stacks” the Library “Rock and Roll” Radio Show hosted at WREK.  This show is on at Fridays at noon and if you can’t catch it then, you can hear the archives for 2 weeks (hopefully they can do podcasting one day). You can also check

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Google’s Person Finder & other resources for Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake

robinna/ March 12, 2011/ social media, semantic web, that's cool/ 0 comments

I think the maps are especially useful but lots of good info available at the Google Crisis Response for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami. Google did a person finder for the Christchurch Earthquake, too, but this really encompasses much more information. Google has put together a list of resources for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and tsunami, including a link to the

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This is my brain on mindmap

robinna/ March 4, 2011/ social media, my projects, that's cool/ 0 comments

So I was looking at a way to visualize my web presence, but even beyond that, some of my interests. Mainly this was for fun (yes, I do things like this for fun) but also to help me “see” where my interests are as I explore potential PhD programs.Here is a start (which you can see at mindomo):

Historic Newspapers online

robinna/ February 10, 2011/ History of Technology, that's cool/ 0 comments

Very cool resource of athens newspapers & historic info: ———–The Digital Library of Georgia is pleased to announce the availability of a new online resource: The Athens Historic Newspapers Archive The Athens Historic Newspapers Archive provides online access to five newspaper titles published in Athens from 1827 to 1922. Consisting of over 57,000 newspaper pages, the archive provides historical images

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