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Facebook privacy updates; Open Graph false advice post are circulating again

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 So the Facebook / Open Graph privacy posts are making the rounds again. Facebook does have a pending privacy change  but they are holding off on it due to concerns  (seriously – did you vote? I did) . I’ve written about this before, but since it’s going around again (and probably will every time facebook changes), it’s a timely topic. 

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Really sorry – Linked data session at GLA/COMO

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Ok, for any of you who might have considered going to the Linked data session on Friday at COMO, I won’t be there. Surprise – I’m on the schedule but I can’t go (I thought I was pulled off a while ago) 😉 So, no linkeddata at COMO, but I’m going to do a virtual session on my topic as

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Linkedin launches university pages

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Back in midAugust, Linkedin updated its user (and privacy statement) but the even bigger news is that linkedin is available for highschool students and universities (see below):   Updated User Agreement We are updating our User Agreement to make LinkedIn available to students 13 years and older, depending on country. Smart, ambitious students are already thinking about their futures when

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Wow… social media demographics – a changing face

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More interesting shifts in demographics of technology use in this interesting little video from (of all people) AARP (2012): “85% of people 50+ use social media, and 32% of social media users are 45+ The majority of 39-75 year olds say the phone and computer are the devices they use the most to communicate with friends and family. 75% of

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Literacy and insights

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We are now in the middle of asecond Gutenberg shift frombook fluency to screen fluency,from literacy to visuality.”- Kevin Kelly, Senior Editor of WIRED. Lots of great information about visual literacy in this presentation.  Gutenberg Revisited from CHTCT

Visualizing twitter

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A little bit old but really interesting in terms of thinking about twitter: This Is What Learning Looks Like: Using Analytic Tools to Visualise Classroom Twitter Conversations from sharstoer