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Leading by urgency – thoughts on crisis management

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One of my twitter followers (@Ted Coine) posted this thought on today: It takes a stunted imagination to think your people will maintain a constant sense of urgency.  Interesting thought, isn’t it?  It resonated with me because one of my favorite sayings is, If everything is important, then nothing is important.  Ok, so, does that mean we actually have work that is

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On burning books – thoughts on books as sacred object vs. knowledge holders

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I stumbled across an interesting post from a librarian who created a display for banned book week. Of course, this wasn’t just any old poster session about Banned Book Week — no, this one actually contained books that she had burned. Responding to some feedback about this particular display and her actions, Jessica blogged these thoughts: Personally? I love books.

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How to have a successful conference (presenters, attendees, & coordinators)

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I started writing this after the last conference I attended and I have discovered my list of best practices for conferences just keeps growing…———-I’ve been to a few conferences in my career from corporate to library, regional to national to international… I’ve attended, presented, facilitated, chaired, coordinated, and about every conference activity in between.On that note here is my advice

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