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Blue beanie day – support web standards!

robinna/ November 30, 2010/ Technology, webdesign, usability, web 2.0+/ 0 comments

Our lives as users and coders would be much easier if ALL browsers supported web standards.Thus, arose the blue beanie day to show support for web standards.My haiku:New web journeys waitof Blue beanies sing; old mud walks to break internet You don’t even need to own a blue beanie either (tho I have several). You can fake it here.

Ems vs. pts. vs % in web design font

robinna/ November 25, 2010/ Design, webdesign/ 0 comments

So, some friends & I were having a discussion about ems vs. pts vs. % for web fonts (yeah, we are dorky like that…) Pts are a print unit of measure. Ems are relative to the parent element and scale which is good for mobile and user experience (e.g., I can scale it how I want). Of course, some times

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Time flies (projects and more)

robin/ November 21, 2010/ social media, semantic web, Design, my projects, my art/ 0 comments

So, your might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Busy busy busy.I set up my art page on facebook at do not need to friend me (or even “like” the page) in order to see my photos and artwork.I will be migrating a huge chunk of my art website there, will I redesign it in Drupal (I’m getting rid

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Twitter for librarians

robinna/ November 8, 2010/ software, social media, my projects, twitter/ 0 comments

Tools I use: To future/schedule tweets Future tweets Brizzly To post: Brizzly delicious to twitter (links) picnik (twitpic) to twitter (images) To manage followers/following TwitterKarma: see follows/unfollows and when they posted last (can be slow) Mytweeple: same as above with a little more info To manage my presence: Klout Twitterstatistics Librarians and library people I follow @libraryfuture [I follow more

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Feedback on copyright of older sound materials

robinna/ November 5, 2010/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I think it would be wonderful to have some of the older sound recordings in the public domain… please feel free to provide your comments via the links below (not to me here, please!)—————November 4, 2010Important Copyright Reform Development We are at a significant moment in ARSC’s long fight to reform U.S. copyright law. As a direct result of ARSC-sponsored

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Archiving twitter — good idea or not?

robinna/ November 1, 2010/ twitter/ 0 comments

As many of you know, the Library of Congress acquired (was given) the Twitter archive beginning with 2006 (read more about that here). I think this is interesting but at the same time, it seems to go against the nature of twitter. Twitter has always been real time and if you are so inclined, you can sit and just watch

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