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VU Find – on authority control

robinna/ June 30, 2008/ software, Libraries, 3D/ 0 comments

Interesting article on authority control and VU Find includes a very good (and brief!) view of how authority control works, in general, plus detailed tweaking of VU Find to improve authority control.

Librarian professional/networking site

robinna/ June 29, 2008/ Libraries, training / tutorials, networking/ 0 comments

From Libgig’s site —————LibGig is a new professional networking website dedicated to bringing together everyone who accesses, organizes, creates, manages, produces or distributes information for a living. —-Includes: Job listings, information about LS programs, blog posts, interviews of community leaders, etc.

Semantic Search engine?

robinna/ June 28, 2008/ semantic web, XHTML/XML/CSS, Search engines/browsers/ 0 comments

From Read/WriteWeb: Evri Beta Launches: Search Less – Understand More Evri, a Paul Allen backed semantic search engine, launched into a limited beta this week. Evri was first shown publicly at the D6 conference. Evri’s CEO Neil Roseman likes to talk about Evri in terms of organizing content instead of calling it a search engine. At its core, however, Evri

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From Code4Lib: Columbia University Libraries has developed the Archival Collections Portal, a unified search system helping users discover archival resources in a streamlined way. We combined the power of Lucene and Solr to search XML, parse JSON objects, create EAD-compliant documents, and deliver results in an easy-to-use interface. By reusing MARC records and employing new search engine features and techniques,

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Expression Engine security vs. drupal

robinna/ June 23, 2008/ software, opensource/ 0 comments

Nice outline of pros and cons of two security models (closed vs. opensource), expression engine (ee) vs. drupal. Of course, lullabot also is closely tied to drupal, so take it for what it is worth.

Second Life Shakespeare

robinna/ June 21, 2008/ 3D, Blog posts/ 0 comments

Now this sounds coool — if only I get my avatar out of theocean (I’m just as clumsy in SL as I am in real life, APPARENTLY) 😉 sLiterary, Second Life: Of shipwrecked twins separated in a foreign land, lovetriangles mixed with identity confusion, and girl masquerading as guy falling inlove with her noble… The SL Shakespeare Company takes a

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Most useful Drupal modules

robinna/ June 19, 2008/ my projects, opensource, Training/ 3 comments

I thought I would crosspost some of what I consider my most useful Drupal handout information from my demo and presentation for the UGADG. Of course, this doesn’t include the demo part at the moment! Maybe I will screencapture that part and add it in later. Another thing for the todo list! Anyhow, you can see the handouts here ..and

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New online resource — Civil Rights Digital Library

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The recently unveiled Civil Rights Digital Library, contains text, image and video archives with annotated bibliographies, learning modules, study guides, etc.Not only of interest to educators and students, the Civil Rights Digital Library is a treasure trove of real life stories — talk about reality tv!This collection also serves in providing access and digitally archiving a huge collection of material.

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