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Hulu — no sound?

robinna/ August 31, 2008/ tools/tips/ 1 comments

I haven’t had any problems watching Hulu using Firefox3, but I did have the occasional problem with sound on Firefox2.x. In the earlier version, I sometimes had to un-install and re-install the flash add-on. Anyhow, since upgrading to Firefox 3. (now 3.1), I’ve had no problems. …but for those watching Hulu with no sound, here is more help.

Online org chart creator

robinna/ August 27, 2008/ web 2.0+/ 1 comments

Cogmap is an online organization/project group chart creator. Someone has created one for microsoft, too. Kind of an interesting idea!

shutterfly one-ups flickr in social networking

robinna/ August 22, 2008/ social media, Design, networking, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

Whoa, so have you checked out shutterfly lately? I haven’t done anything with my account there in FOREVER, because well, shutterfly didn’t seem to do much. It certainly wasn’t as great as flickr. However, shutterfly has jumped into the social networking venue with both feet — take a look at my “profile” shutterfly page vs my flickr page. Okay, Okay,

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12 New Rules of Working you should Embrace

robinna/ August 20, 2008/ productivity, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

From Zen Habits, with my thoughts in brackets. 1. Online applications and the cloud beat the desktop and hard drive2. Collaborate on documentation [online], don’t email [Don’t collaborate on paper, either. If needed, make screenshots of prototypes to share with the group. ]3. Collaboration is the new productivity [not necessarily true, if you’ve ever been on a dysfunctional committee or

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Acck! ebooks!

robinna/ August 18, 2008/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

So, I’m probably (long story) taking this class focused on web2.0, scripting, etc. I’ve not taken an academic class focused on web2.0 technology, so I am excited about that. I certainly read enough about web2.0 and experiment with things (and can’t count how many conferences, seminars, etc. I have attended), but it will be interesting to get a more scholarly

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Convert text to mp3

robinna/ August 15, 2008/ tools/tips, media/ 1 comments is a free online service which converts text (type it in or copy + paste) to a downloadable audio mp3. Choices include: male or female voice, English or Spanish language, and then a couple of choices for quality. I’m not sure how well it works with a large chunk of scientific or medical text, but still an interesting project.

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