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Yahoo photos is closing

robinna/ August 24, 2007/ social media, web 2.0+, yahoo/ 0 comments

Well, I guess it’s no surprise to me. Flickr is superior… ——————We will officially close Yahoo! Photos on Thursday, September 20, 2007, at 9 p.m. PDT. Until then, we are offering you the opportunity to move to another photo sharing service (Flickr, KODAK Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Photobucket). We’re making the transfer real simple, and with a couple clicks we’ll

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secrets of…

robinna/ August 23, 2007/ question of the day/ 0 comments

So, the session (seminar)? that I co-taught about MARC, record structure and secrets of the catalog went well. Overall turnout about 60 people. I think that’ s pretty good. My colleague & I will probably (hopefully) followup with more sessions later. I had a kind of big snafu — pressed what I thought was the magic secret extraordinarily hard to

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So, you may (or may not!) have noticed a new feature here. I’ve loaded the widget for snapshots. What is snapshots? Well, when you see a link in a post, if you roll your pointer over it, a little preview of the website pops up. Pretty handy, hmm? On the snapshots popup, there is a little wheel looking icon on

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Mini presentation on Web 2.0 technologies

robinna/ August 21, 2007/ software, Libraries, publishing, social media, semantic web, Design, my projects, Scripting, XHTML/XML/CSS, Training, web 2.0+, networking/ 0 comments

Overview What we are doing IM External (Chat Ref) Internal (Serials, Ref) Blogs The cataloging page has been up for about a month. We have 7 users linked to this page and we will be in a list of libraries using in Library Journal Wikis External (FAQs) Internal (Reference, Serials Cataloging) Looking to the future Higher

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creating a e-zine — software choices

robinna/ August 13, 2007/ software, publishing, Design, CMS, my projects, webdesign, opensource, XHTML/XML/CSS, Training/ 7 comments

So you want to create an online newsletter, a magazine or e-zine? What should you use?There are many choices, some of which depend on budget size. My budget size= ZERO dollars.My investigation actually began in May with Drupal. These were reviewed as of August 2007. System requirements for most of these (but not all): Apache or IIS server; MySQL or

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creating a e-zine — lessons learned to date

robinna/ August 12, 2007/ software, publishing, CMS, my projects, webdesign, opensource, XHTML/XML/CSS, my art/ 0 comments

1. Have a vision.Check. I had that one a year ago (a regional arts magazine with topics both about art and by artists) 2. Funding.The amount of $ you have to spend will affect everything else 3. Hosting? Find a place to host it.I used some extra webspace I have. 4. A software list of features that you need (and

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