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One world, one blog – merging identities, merging blogs

robinna/ November 15, 2012/ History of Technology, my projects, twitter, my art/ 0 comments

robinart 2006ish So, I had a personal/art blog over at my domain ( from 2004-2007 (prior to that, it was just a very simple site). This blog was an early experiment in using a CMS (Content Management System); originally, a photoblog (more about  the software & history here); later, a place to talk about software, my projects, and life in general.

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So I have an exhibit

robinna/ April 25, 2012/ my projects, my art/ 0 comments

I’ve been working alot on these water themed paintings and wall hangings. They are mixed media, acrylic (very sheer, layered over paper, and net)…< This one is titled, postcards from the deep. Like many of my paintings, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I started this one. It was meant to be the cornerstone of the

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Art exhibit & reception

robinna/ May 23, 2011/ my projects, my art/ 0 comments

Honestly, this is a great showing of work. Check it out if you have time. Reception June 15 6-8 p.m. Oconee County Library. Featuring work from robin fay (me), sarah hubbard & rene shoemaker. Companion exhibit and website will be here dets in the code above. Just scan it with your mobile device.

My art & photographs (and a facebook page!)

robinna/ January 27, 2011/ social media, my projects, my art/ 0 comments

A little bit of self PR My paintings & photographs as well as art news my page and “liking” it will mean you will receive new art & photos through your facebook news stream. No need to friend me or share your personal info with me 😉 (unless you just want to!) This is all done through FBML and CSS

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Time flies (projects and more)

robin/ November 21, 2010/ social media, semantic web, Design, my projects, my art/ 0 comments

So, your might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Busy busy busy.I set up my art page on facebook at do not need to friend me (or even “like” the page) in order to see my photos and artwork.I will be migrating a huge chunk of my art website there, will I redesign it in Drupal (I’m getting rid

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Mirror blogging at ee and blogger

robinna/ October 17, 2010/ my projects, Training, Train, my art/ 0 comments

So, this is truly a test to see if I can mirror blog/auto post to 2 blogs at the same time (long reason for why I want to do this, which has nothing to do with spam — truly) and a nice detail of the inprocess (getting very close to being finished though) Lucene (who is a tree nymph)