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Second Life Shakespeare

robinna/ June 21, 2008/ 3D, Blog posts/ 0 comments

Now this sounds coool — if only I get my avatar out of theocean (I’m just as clumsy in SL as I am in real life, APPARENTLY) 😉 sLiterary, Second Life: Of shipwrecked twins separated in a foreign land, lovetriangles mixed with identity confusion, and girl masquerading as guy falling inlove with her noble… The SL Shakespeare Company takes a

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Second Life — Resources for educators and more

robinna/ April 20, 2008/ 3D, Blog posts/ 0 comments

Very nice annotated list of articles relating to educational uses of second life, second life and pedagogy, as well as second life resources of a more educational nature.http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~mpepper/slbib Another very useful resource of a more broad nature is the official second life blog; the blog covers just about everything including lots of howtos and tutorials.http://blog.secondlife.com/ Also, John Lester out of

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