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10 commandments of typography (infographic)

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Some good general tips about topography. To distill it down more: Be careful when mixing fonts that are different Less is more – stay consistent with mood, time, design (be appropriate to your content) Make it readable  DO: Know your font families Combine a Sans-serif with a serif font Combine a serif with a sans-serif font Contrast is the key.

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Notes from March 15, 2011 – Giving Undergraduate Research a Worldwide Voice: Institutional Repositories as Publishers

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Just some notes from the March 15, 2011 – Giving Undergraduate Research a Worldwide Voice: Institutional Repositories as Publishers conference. Yes, I do take notes on my netbook via google docs. I will link to the slides if/when they are loaded on the web. Undergraduate research library as publisher scanning primary materials students write papers on primary materials; student papers

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It’s true…. I’m writing a book (no. 3 in list)

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The Tech Set II Cloud Computing in Libraries – Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries Cloud computing offers organizations new cost-effective ways to use Web services for their computing needs including software applications, data storage, cloud development platforms, and processing power. This informative handbook provides a comprehensive view of the cloud computing landscape,

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San José Public Library website (Drupal!)

robinna/ December 5, 2010/ Libraries, Design, webdesign/ 0 comments

I thought this article was interesting, given I am on the homepage redesign committee. We, too, are dramatically reducing links; however, design wise, I think it has a much more organic feel and look. Of course, we’ll see what usability says, right?———“The San José Public Library (SJPL), CA, unveiled its new, vastly simplified website this month, after more than two-and-a-half

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Ems vs. pts. vs % in web design font

robinna/ November 25, 2010/ Design, webdesign/ 0 comments

So, some friends & I were having a discussion about ems vs. pts vs. % for web fonts (yeah, we are dorky like that…) Pts are a print unit of measure. Ems are relative to the parent element and scale which is good for mobile and user experience (e.g., I can scale it how I want). Of course, some times

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Time flies (projects and more)

robin/ November 21, 2010/ social media, semantic web, Design, my projects, my art/ 0 comments

So, your might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Busy busy busy.I set up my art page on facebook at do not need to friend me (or even “like” the page) in order to see my photos and artwork.I will be migrating a huge chunk of my art website there, will I redesign it in Drupal (I’m getting rid

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New Georgia Encyclopedia Survey (your opinion matters)

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Disclaimer: I actually wrote a few articles for NGE in the Arts/Entertainment category. You can read them here, if you would like. (It would be nice if my name were hotlinkable, ha! I should’ve added that into my survey response, I suppose). —————-Many of you in all kinds of libraries are New Georgia Encyclopedia users, and the NGE wants your

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Projects, training & more (what I’m up to) : Drupalcamp, webdesign, digital identity, tweeting & more

robinna/ October 2, 2010/ Design/ 0 comments

Just a quick little update letting you know where I’ll be and what I’m doing: Today> DrupalCamp : Goal is to absorb as much related to publishing as I can and also get a few more ideas for my Intermediate Drupal class I’ll be proposing to teach for Lyrasis for Winter semester. I dumped epublish (articles wouldn’t “stick” to their

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DrupalCamp, Drupal & the ejournal saga.. or how I became a Drupal Girl.

robinna/ October 1, 2010/ Design/ 0 comments

Super excited about DrupalCamp tomorrow because there are 2 sessions for publishing and one for openpublish! As some of you know, I’ve been editing an online arts & literary journal, called moonshine, which was housed on an opensource publishing platform called PacerCMS. The only problem with that product (which worked perfectly) is that support is really limited and no one

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