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Aaron Swartz (Reddit, RSS) dies; JSTOR provides limited free access to archives

robinna/ January 21, 2013/ publishing/ 0 comments

Interesting news if you’ve not been following these stories: JSTOR“The archives of more than 1,200 journals are now available for limited free reading by the public, JSTOR announced today. Anyone can sign up for a JSTOR account and read up to three articles for free every two weeks.”more at:  As a side note:For those of you who followed the Aaaron

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Wikispaces free for higher ed

robinna/ March 5, 2011/ Technology, Libraries, publishing, webdesign, web 2.0+/ 0 comments

Wikispaces for Higher Education – FREE! We are giving away all of the features of our Plus wikis (normally $50/year).No fine print, no usage limits, no advertising, no catches. * Post, Publish, and Share with Ease Unlimited pages let you and your students share text, images, files, and more. * Set Privacy You can decide who has access to your

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Old spice guy’s take on libraries

robinna/ July 14, 2010/ Libraries, publishing, nothing in particular/ 0 comments

Well, if you don’t watch TV or haven’t heard about this ad campaign, this will not make much sense probably.Anyhow, I just wish he included other media besides books; libraries are so much more than books — we are magazines & journals (both print and electronic with fulltext articles), websites & databases, photographs, digital images (photographs, scanned images of maps,

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4 hot trends in libraries

robinna/ June 29, 2010/ Libraries, publishing/ 1 comments

The list:1. Mass customization2. Mobile3. Front end interface4. Shared data Yes, please. #1 can’t come soon enough and in reality, we kind of have been doing that for a while (different services for different audiences/patron groups) but that was still at a group level. Individual personalized choice and experience — yes please. Front end interfaces and shared data seem to

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graphic design / moonshine covers

robinna/ March 4, 2010/ publishing, Design, my projects, my art/ 1 comments

As I finish readying moonshine arts magazine for re-launch and migration to Drupal, I thought you might like a snapshot of the covers from the past few years: It’s kind of funny, I rarely do graphic design at work (too many fighting over such a small slice of the pie) that I think people forget I do alot of graphic

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Question of the Day: How to search your own tweets at twitter

robinna/ February 24, 2010/ Technology, publishing, History of Technology, Culture, social media, semantic web, meetups/conferences, question of the day, twitter, tutorials, web 2.0+, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

So, this was MY question today: as in, I wanted to re-post a tweet about moonshine arts & literary magazine. I couldn’t quite remember what I wrote and I didn’t use a #hashtag. So what to do? How do you search your own twitter feed? There are lots of cool trending tools out there, but those are very limited in

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Kodak ceases production of kodachrome ;-(

robinna/ July 22, 2009/ Technology, publishing, History of Technology, Culture, photography, my art/ 0 comments

Kodak to Stop Making KodachromeBy MIKE BARRIS Eastman Kodak Co. will discontinue its iconic Kodachrone color film this year due to tumbling sales as photographers embrace newer Kodak films or digital imaging technology. Kodak introduced the amateur color film in 1935 and it became the first commercially successful color film. But sales are just a fraction of 1% of the

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New art, new writings, podcasts & video — it’s moonshine

robinna/ February 13, 2009/ publishing, my projects, Gamification, photography, my art/ 0 comments

The latest issue of moonshine, a magazine of the southern arts is available online (& free) at ————————-A game of words — a game of chance? What is love? Inspiration? Creativity? A reflection of ourselves? Our best selves? Our worst selves? This month we explore the many dimensions of being human from complex family dynamics to first love to the

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