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Free — Gadgets in libraries workshop

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Do you need a gadgets orientation covering types, brands, features, functionality and answers to why gadgets are so popular with your patrons? Join us for this webinar with Michael Porter when he presents a checklist-filled session also covering how users are consuming and accessing content on gadgets and how libraries are purchasing and lending gadgets to host this content. It’s

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Dispora* opensource social community (yeah, kind of like facebook, but well.. not)

robinna/ September 28, 2010/ social media, opensource/ 1 comments

Really interesting article about the progress of dispora* as well as interviews with the developers. Diaspora*—if it worked—would do everything Facebook did. But users would own their data. If they wished, they could run their own servers. There would be no data-mining. No whiplash privacy protocols. And no Mark Zuckerberg.

Free! 1 Voice Many Channels> Blogging & Tweeting 4 Libraries (a robin & amy gig)

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Join us – Free! from the fab @amywatts @georgiawebgurl One Voice, Many Channels: Blogging and Tweeting for LibrariesFreeRobin Fay and Amy WattsUniversity of GeorgiaDoes your library blog or tweet? Interested in getting started? Wondering what all the buzz is about? We’ll explore how libraries use Twitter and Blogger to share news, events, as well as a community building tool. If

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Google ceases support for pages and files for Google groups

robinna/ September 23, 2010/ Technology, History of Technology, Culture/ 2 comments

Well, this just sucks (as a manager of groups on google…) Google Groups will no longer be supporting the Pages and Files features. Starting November 1, you won’t be able to upload new content, but you will still be able to view and download existing content. See this announcement for more information and other options for storing your content.

How to Not Give (and Give!) a Webinar (Free webinar)

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Social Media Consultant (Guru, Dude, etc.) Chris Brogan is offering a free webinar on how to not/give a webinar. For many of us, webinars are becoming an increasingly important form of training and teaching (I teach Drupal classes as a webinar through Lyrasis – next intro to Drupal Class is coming up in November). Unfortunately, as many of us have

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Question of the day: How do I delete a note in facebook?

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Q: How do I delete a note in facebook?A: Although not intuitive, this is easy to do. Type Notes into the Search field at the top OR start with your home page (In the news feed list on the left side, click on More, if you do not immediately see ‘Notes’). You may also be able to access notes via

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Battledecks at GLA/COMO

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ooh, this sounds fun! Gooo, Merryll.Happy Friday, GLA! ——————-I want to tell you about an event you DO NOT want to miss at COMO! A Battledecks competition at our Awards Banquet. What is Battledecks? It is a crazy fun time where presenters have 4 minutes to talk on a given topic with 0 minutes of preparation to accompany creative PowerPoint

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Digi cred, identity, branding, credibility, influence

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My 2 hour presentation/workshop on identity and branding which encompasses alot of different aspects of being online. I’ll be reworking this slightly for a presentation in October.btw, I realize my slides are kind of text heavy, but I really don’t stand up there and just read.😉 Digicred View more presentations from robin f.