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Adventures in pinning – pinterest = visual bookmarking? scrapbooking?

robinna/ February 25, 2013/ social media, my projects/ 1 comments

So, I’ve been experimenting with pinterest, which up until now, has been predominantly used by women over 50. To be honest, initially, I could have cared less about pinterest. I really couldn’t see a reason to use it as it seemed to be all DIY, crafts, fashion, recipes, and childcare stuff…  kind of a glittery glued, bubblegum, hearts and flowers

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Separating spotify from Facebook and moving playlists from one account to another

robinna/ February 10, 2013/ social media, question of the day/ 0 comments

Now that spotify no longer REQUIRES a facebook login, how do you go about separating them?  I really needed to do this for a lot of different reasons. One, I use georgiawebgurl for all of my social media except for Facebook. I don’t mind connecting twitter, pinterest, etc. together but I don’t want them all connected to my personal Facebook

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Can we take a joke? Hushing the oreo

robinna/ February 4, 2013/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I realize I am playing into marketing by even talking about this COMMERCIAL (embedded below). However, this particular commercial, featuring a “whispered” fight over oreos which ends in destruction of a library and the fire department arriving, seems to have hit a nerve with various communities. I’m seeing starting to see some conversations about this commercial as well as quite a

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