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Accountability, leadership, and how to develop your organizational culture

robinna/ January 23, 2014/ Leadership/ 0 comments

A really interesting read on the relationship between accountability, leadership and the impact on organizational culture. Short answer: if you want to change organizational culture, it has to start at the top.  ” When someone like Governor Chris Christie stands up and says “I’m responsible because it happened on my watch” the public often gets the sense that the speaker

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Call for chapters — School Librarianship

robinna/ February 24, 2012/ Leadership/ 0 comments

CALL FOR CHAPTER PROPOSALS Proposal Submission Deadline: March 30th, 2012 Collaborative Instructional Design in Library and Teacher Partnerships A book edited by Dr. Kathryn Kennedy and Dr. Lucy Santos Green Georgia Southern University College of Education To be published by IGI Global: Introduction School library media specialists are more readily becoming integral parts of P-12 schools. Once designated storytellers

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Seeking conference proposals (library conference)

robinna/ August 23, 2011/ Libraries, Leadership/ 0 comments

Have you been looking for an opportunity to present at a national conference? If so, the 2nd Joint Conference of Librarians of Color, a conference for EVERYONE, is seeking proposals. It’s not too late for you to submit a proposal, but time is running out! The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2011. This historic conference, which will be held

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Getting through organizational layers to get social media started

robinna/ July 13, 2010/ social media, Leadership, productivity/ 0 comments

How do you get through multiple layers (organizational levels) to get social media started? Personnel policy — clearly let staff know what they can do and can’t Address security issues upfront (IT related) Talk about the value of social media Talk about productivity impact Look to peer organizations — i.e., positive peer pressure Leadership from top — leadership should support

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5000 resources to do just about anything online

robinna/ September 9, 2007/ software, publishing, social media, Leadership, CMS, webdesign, twitter, tools/tips, life 2.0+/ 0 comments

5000 resources to do just about anything online I love mashable and I can’t possibly summarize everything in this article, but if you are looking for new things to do with your blog/website, or just to have a little fun on the ‘net, do take a look. You can find things such as 30 widgets for a wordpress blog, 70+

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